Crash Pre-Med Course, June, 2021

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Short 4-weeks course aimed at helping and preparing applicants for undergraduate studies.
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The course will be organized only for a minimum of 5 students. In case of less than 5 students the courses will not be organized and the tuition fee will be fully refunded.

Duration – 4 weeks (31 May 2021 – 2 July 2021)
Studies start – 31 May 2021
Type – online distance course

Introduction to the course: information about the University, application procedure to LSMU
General Biology and General Chemistry classes

Tuition fee
The Crash Pre-Med course tuition fee (2021 academic year) – 1000 EUR

The tuition fee covers:
Online attendance of scheduled classes and seminars led by qualified university teachers;
use of the university library during the course;
testing of acquired knowledge and skills via final test, according to the teaching plan;
the final test is accepted as an entrance test to LSMU.
The tuition fee should be paid no later than 25 May 2021

Structure of the Exam
The exam consists of multiple-choice tests (MCQ) in Biology and Chemistry based on the programme and is given in English.

Why Lithuanian University of Health Sciences?
Small groups – up to 10 students
Qualified, competent and inspiring teachers
Multicultural environment

3 May 2021